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High School Junior Scholarships

scholarships for high school juniors

The junior high school year is the best time for students, who are characterized with exceptional academic achievements and have financial needs for further education, to start looking for college scholarships for high school juniors and obtain financial aid that would make their lives easier.

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There are many available high school junior scholarships, so the students can apply for more alternatives and get ready to apply for the scholarships that will become available during their senior year.

Scholarships for high school juniors: February 2014 application deadline

Until February 2014, high school juniors have many options to apply for some easy sweepstakes and scholarship contests. This is a good way of winning money for college expenses and tuition, as it doesn’t require writing long essays, scoring high on high school tests and reaching a high GPA. Although these short contests seem easy, they provide a chance of winning up to $10,000 that could be used for college expenses.
When it comes to more serious scholarships for high school juniors with February 2014 as the application deadline, high school students have an option of applying for the Best Buy Scholarship, which awards over 1200 recipients with $1000. This scholarship is based on merit, which means that it is being awarded to high school students who have completed some work experience, extracurricular activities and community service, and show outstanding academic achievements.

Scholarship for high school juniors: March 2014 application deadline

March 2014 is the application deadline for some of the most rewarding high school scholarships for juniors, awarded by the Executive Women International Scholarship Program. These scholarships are worth $10,000 and they are provided for female high school junior students who show an exceptional business and leadership potential.
Another option for scholarship for high school juniors is the Kohls Scholarship program, which awards students for their outstanding community service. This is a generous program that offers $9,000 for the winners, as well as additional $1,000 as a donation to charity.

High school juniors can also apply for the Humanist Essay Collection until March 2014. This scholarship is aimed at high school students of grades 9 through 12. In order to be eligible for this scholarship program, the applicants must write an essay for a topic that would be suitable to be published in the Humanist Magazine.

Scholarships for juniors in high school: April 2014 application deadline

The Nordstrom Scholarship, with April 2014 as an application deadline, is one of the most generous scholarships high school juniors programs. The $10,000 award is granted to students characterized with outstanding academic achievement and excellence.

Innovative and creative high school juniors have the option to apply for the Scholarship for Innovation and Creativity, which provides awards worth $5000 to students with the best creativity and innovation aimed at solving technical problems or community needs.