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Mcdonalds Scholarship

Mcdonalds ScholarshipMcDonalds, aside from being the #1 go-to place for fast-food, has been taking strides in providing financial assistance to students who would like to finish their college education.

McDonald’s scholarships are offered through the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC), a division of the McDonalds Corporation. McDonalds has already provided more than $48 million in scholarship funds to deserving students since 1985.

Ronald McDonald House Scholarship

In addition to McDonald’s National Employees Scholarship, the RMHC offers four distinct types of McDonald’s scholarships to the public: the RMHC/Scholars, RMHC/Asia, RMHC/African-American Future Achievers and RMHC/HACER.

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RMHC Scholars is a McDonald’s scholarship that is need-based and is open to all talented and deserving students, regardless of their race, creed, color or heritage. Meanwhile, RMHC/Asia is a type of McDonald’s scholarship wherein applicants has at least one parent of Asian-Pacific heritage. As for the RMHC/African-American Future Achievers scholarship, this requires that applicants have at least one parent of African-American or Black-Caribbean heritage. Lastly, the RMHC/HACER scholarship is for those applicants who have at least one parent of Hispanic/Latino heritage. This McDonald scholarship also awards four $100,000 national scholarships, paying $25,000 per year throughout the student’s 4 years in college.

The number, as well as the amount allotted for these scholarships is determined by the local participating chapters. Usually, non-renewable, a McDonald scholarship typically amounts to a minimum of $100,000 each. Additionally,

McDonalds Scholarships Requirements

The Ronald McDonalds House Scholarship is available to qualified high school students who live in the United States and meet the following general requirements: He should be a legal resident in the U.S.; should be living in an area where there is a participating RMHC Chapter; in senior high school, with a minimum GPA of 2.7; under the age of 21; and are eligible and plans to attend either an accredited two-year or an accredited four-year college or university or technical school, on a full-time basis.

McDonalds Scholarship Application

The McDonalds scholarship applications are available online from October 1st in the student’s senior year and ends around December 20th of that year. Qualified student applicants must submit a complete application and supply all required documents by the application deadline. Each scholarship program has additional specific eligibility requirements that must be met. These requirements are outlined by each scholarship program. The recipients of these scholarships must provide annual verification of their full-time enrollment status. For more information you may visit the McDonald Scholarship Website or contact ISTS at phone number 855-670-4787.