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Tylenol Scholarship

Tylenol scholarshipThe Tylenol scholarship program, which has been created by McNeil Consumer Healthcare, is particularly aimed at students who decide to obtain an education in healthcare programs, at different higher education levels.

Unlike most U.S. scholarship programs, the Tylenol scholarships are open to international applicants. Students from Canada and United States are favored by the fact that forty scholarships of different values are reserved specifically for that target group.

Tylenol Scholarship: general information eligibility for Tylenol scholarships

McNeil Consumer Healthcare started the Tylenol future care scholarship program in 1982, with the aim to provide financial help for aspiring professionals in the field of healthcare. Since its establishment, this program has contributed for thousands of students to continue and complete their medical training and education. Many practitioners, physicians and surgeons have become successful thanks to the significant contribution of Tylenol’s scholarships.

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The program has been recently upgraded to provide help for students enrolled in degrees in hospital administration, healthcare management, physiotherapy, microbiology, laboratory sciences, pharmacology and nursing. The Tylenol scholarship eligibility also includes students enrolled in healthcare programs of Master’s level.

Financial aid offered by Tylenol scholarship program

After the Tylenol scholarship application procedure, more than $250,000 of funds is distributed between students enrolled in various healthcare programs in the United States and around the world. The application is open to both undergraduate and graduate students who have a minimum of one full year of their studies remaining. Only students enrolled in healthcare related programs are eligible for Tylenol’s scholarships. Ten top scholarship awards of $10,000 each are awarded to the best applicants, who are followed by thirty applicants that receive $5,000 each. In addition, 150 scholarships of $1,000 are available for students active in community service.

This is one of the most generous scholarship programs open to students interested in healthcare-related education. Tylenol’s scholarships are valuable sources of funds that help students finance the rising costs for their education.

Application procedure

The application procedure for Tylenol scholarship starts with filling in the downloadable application form which can be accessed at the official Tylenol website. The application procedure requires attachment of any certificates awarded for community service or extra-curricular activities, as well as merit certificates and educational transcripts. The awards announcements are normally provided within a month after the application deadline.

Tylenol’s scholarship is one of the best options for students to finance their further education in healthcare and medical related fields.

Winners are announced at August 31st.