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Walmart Scholarship

Walmart ScholarshipThe foundation of one of the greatest retail giants in the world, Walmart, is offering two different types of scholarship on annual basis.

One part of the program has been developed with the purpose to help Walmart employees to obtain financial funds that would allow them to continue their education.

The other part of the Walmart Scholarship program has the purpose to offer financial help to dependents of the employees, who have the goal to continue their college education immediately after earning their Graduation Equivalency Diploma or completing high school.

Walmart Associate Scholarship: unique program of Walmart Scholarship opportunities

The Walmart Associate Scholarship has been designed to provide help to part time and full time Walmart employees to obtain higher degrees of education. In order to be eligible for this program, the applicants need to meet the requirement of being employed in the company for at least six months in continuation.
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In addition, the applicants must be permanent legal residents or citizens of the USA, who have earned a GED, home school diploma or high school diploma prior to applying. This is a need-based scholarship, which means that the applicants must demonstrate their financial needs in order to continue their education, with no restrictions on the desired field of study.

The annual limits of the Walmart Foundation Scholarship are determined according to the type of educational program. Thus, the graduate degree is set to a maximum of $2,000 per year; the bachelor degree program to $3,000 per year; the associate degree program to $2,000 and the certificate program to $1,500 per year.

The foundation pays the funds directly to the school, which means that they need to be put in use for qualified educational expenses in the form of board, campus housing, books, mandatory fees and tuition. The Walmart scholarships funds are not guaranteed to continue from one year to the following, which means that the candidates must submit their application again each year in order to obtain continuation.

Walmart Dependent Scholarships Program

The Dependent Scholarship Program by Walmart is available for high school seniors (home schooled individuals included), who are legal dependents of the corporation’s employees. In order for the dependents to be eligible, the employees must meet the requirement of completing at least six months of service. This is a one-time Walmart college scholarship worth $3,000, which may be applied for during the academic year of high school graduation or earning a GED.

This is a need-based scholarship program as well, which means that the applicants must proof their financial needs, but they must also show exceptional academic performance in high school. The minimum GPA requirement is set to 2.5. Only one-quarter of the applicants are awarded with Walmart’s scholarships, and the payments are made directly to the schools.

Application for Walmart’s scholarships

All dependents and employees of Walmart, who wish to attend college, are strongly encouraged to investigate about the Walmart community scholarship program. You can submit a Walmart scholarship application here. This is a generous scholarship that has helped many recipients to obtain higher education and improve the quality of their lives.